I’d like to introduce you to my newest offering, one that is near and dear to my heart.

I’m constantly connecting with moms who are EXHAUSTED. They are master jugglers.  Family life – appointments,  birthday parties, school activities, clubs, family commitments. There aren’t enough hours in the day – or cups of coffee – to get on top of things.

I want you to know hear you. I see your struggle. I’m living it too. 

And, I have good news – I can help!

Managing a family is like managing a 24 hour a day/7 day a week high stakes project. What if you treated it as such?

What if there were ways to systemize and automate many aspects of family life in the same way you would a work project?

Spoiler alert – there is!

What I’m offering is this:

  • 1 hour meeting to determine your family’s needs.
  • I’ll create a customized report for you with solutions that will help with your key points of family management overwhelm.
  • 2 Power Hour sessions where I come to you and we implement the systems.
  • Email support while you get settled into your new, more organized routine.


Interested? I’d love to help! Send me an email at katelangridgeva@shaw.ca.